New York University (NYU), in line with the vision of its founder: “In and for the city” – a university that has no walls and gates – is deeply linked with New York City, taking inspiration from its vitality. The center of NYU is its campus on Washington Square, in the heart of Greenwich Village in Manhattan.

NYU owns over  22 residence halls and two graduate living communities, home to approximately 12,000 undergraduate and graduate students during the academic year and summer session. Most of the residence halls are located in the area of NYU’s Campus, around Washington Square and Union Square.

Usually, students participating in our program are hosted in residence halls close to all NYU’s faculties and institutes, on Union Square and Washington Square, heart and life center of NYU and crossroads of the most viable districts of Manhattan: Greenwich Village, Soho, East Village and the Lower East Side, Nolita and Union Square.

Our residence accommodate two students per room with air conditioning and private bathroom. The residence have laundry, TV rooms, music and dance rehearsal rooms, conference and entertainment rooms.
All rooms have Wi-Fi internet connection and telephone line connection, so with your smart phones or computers you can easily stay in touch with your families and friends
The residence is  located close to several subway stations: W4th Street (line A, C, E, F, D and M), 8th Street & Broadway (line N and R), Astor Place (line 6), Union Square (lines N, R, Q, 4, 5, 6, L), as well as bus stops and within walking distance from the vibrant leisure and entertainment activities of Greenwich Village.
At the entrance of the residence there is an Officer of the NYU Department of Public Safety who controls accesses to the facilities (NYU Card), thus ensuring security and protection of students. To access the building you must always show him your NYU Card

GODDARD HALL Washington Square East
PALLADIUM HALL 14th Street/Union Square
FOUNDERS HALL 12th Street/Union Square
WEINSTEIN RESIDENCE HALLUniversity Place/Washington Square
HAYDEN HALLWashington Square West
3rd AVENUE NORTH 3rd Avenue


Our program includes a “meal plan” of 12 meals per week plus 30 “dining dollars”.

The main Dining Hall is Weinstein Dining Hall, located on University Place, operating from 7am to 3pm and from 4pm to 9pm, offering a full and wide selection of dishes: a choice among first and second courses, sandwiches, salads, desserts, fruit, drinks (no alcohol allowed) and even lots ofice-cream.

The “take-away” option is also available, allowing you to pack and take away your meal in the event that your classes schedule does not match with the Dining Hall operation hours.

The “meal plan” includes two meals per day, per week (breakfast is considered a meal!), total 12 meals per week, plus 30 weekly “dining dollars” to be used for the third daily meal or for meals on Sundays or even to purchase an extra meal or food to take away, like salads, cookies, or to purchase breakfast at “Dunkin’ Donuts”, adjacent to the Palladium Hall or at Starbucks, located right on the ground floor of our residence Goddard Hall on Washington Square.

The Dining Hall, Donkin Donuts and Starbucks close on the evening of the last Friday of our stay. Therefore the day of our departure back home, Saturday 11 August 2018, no meals are included for that day.


NYU Card will be your official identity document during your stay in New York. The NYU Card qualifies you to all effects as a student of NYU. It is an invaluable tool that allows you access to the residence hall, the Dining Hall and to all the buildings of New York University where students have access. It also enables you to obtain discounts for students in museums and tourist sites.

New York University has always given the highest priority to the safety of their own students, therefore they have a department, “NYU Public Safety & Security”, which ensures the safety and protection of students.

At the entrance of all the buildings hosting faculties, institutes, services, residence and any activities related to NYU there is always a “Security Officer” to whom you must always show your NYU card. The NYU card, is your personal key that you will need to preserve with care. In the event of loss or theft you will proceed to the complaint and pay 25 dollars to get the a new.


For fitness enthusiasts, or for those who do not want to give up their daily workout while away from home, or simply want to get a swim after the dance lessons, they get all this at the Sports Centers of New York University. The closest Sports Center to our Residence Hall is the “Palladium Athletic Facility”, located inside the Palladium Hall, just in front of Peridance School. The Center has fields for basketball, volleyball, squash and slopes of athletics – that host the aggressive University Athletic representative  of “NYU Bobcats” and “Violet Booster Club” – in addition to the Olympic-sized pool, saunas, tennis courts, equipped walls for “climbing”, countless equipment for cardio-fitness, spinning and a mega gym, organized on a dozen rooms each equipped to the workout of the various parts of the body and various disciplines.