The most famous museums of New York City

MOMA (Museum of Modern Art), the Metropolitan Museum and The Cloisters, The Guggenheim, Whitney Museum, the Museum of Natural History, The  new Guggenheim  at Soho, the Freak Collection, the Dance Collection of New York Public Library, the Museum of Immigration at Ellis Island, and many others.

Places of tourist and cultural interest 

The Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty and the Museum of the Immigration at Ellis Island, United Nation Headquarter, Fifth Avenue, the Rockefeller Center and the Cathedral of Saint Patrick, Harlem with its Spanish Quartes and  the deep soul of gospels sung in the countles Churches, Central Park, Greenwich Village, Brooklyn Promenade, the new beautiful High Line, Wall Street and the World Trade Center, Freedom Tower with its breathtaking view of  One World Observatory.

Night life

We are steps away from the Greenwich Village and  East Village, Union Square and Soho where you can find any kind of music, of all kinds of theaters: “In And Off Broadway”, pub, disco clubs, jazz clubs, pizza places, restaurants and shops open till late.

The most prestigious theaters of music and dance

The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts with its 5 theaters, the New York City Center, Carnegie Hall, the Apollo Theatre in Harlem and lots of theaters dedicated to dance: Dance Theater Workshop, Joice Theater, PS122, La Mama, the Kitchen, New York City Center, and finally the legendary “Theater Row” on the mythical BROADWAY.

Getting around New York City!